I'm a huge lipstick fan. In fact, if I'd ever be kidnapped from this planet, forced to take only a couple beauty items (you have to think about these things), lipstick would definitely be on the list. But as much as I love to have options, I have to say that the amount of lipstick shades out there can be downright overwhelming. Just when you think you've got every possible flattering colour that was ever made (sultry maroon! hot red! raspberry pink! sunny orange!) your favourite brand launches a whole new range of must-haves. Not cool. So in an effort to clean out my beauty supplies before the baby comes, and just generally simplify things, I've lined up my all-time go-to shades that basically got you covered for every possible occasion. Stop looking, these are the only 3 lipstick colours you'll ever need!



The first shade I can't live without is a soft neutral with a slightly sheer finish that I adore (I've raved about this before). I'm usually more drawn towards a matte finish, but somehow this sheer manages to add a bit of dewiness to your lips, without looking pearly. This is my day-to-day lipstick that I just as easily apply for running errands as for a casual brunch with friends.

SHOP MY FAVE: Tom Ford Spanish Pink



Every woman needs a super flattering hot red lipstick - period. It's just the most powerful thing to add to your look, perfect for an important job interview, meeting or glamorous party. If you want your lips to say something without talking: add a sizzling red shade and you got it!

SHOP MY FAVE: M.A.C. Lady Danger



My favourite season to wear lipstick is the Summer (during Winter I mostly reach for this conditioning Lip Glow), and what better colour to fit the season of sun and popsicles than poppy pink? It's a bit different but still versatile enough to go with just about any summery colour out there. With the pink obsession that's about to happen this Spring, rest assure this shade is the one you'll be reaching for on a daily basis!

SHOP MY FAVE: Dior Addict 771 Passionée

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