Something I try to do every year (but never succeed in) is to start shopping for X-mas presents before the streets get filled with crazy crowds of angry last-minute shoppers (including myself). :) So I'm always very happy when brands that I adore come up with special Holiday editions of their fragrances: it's just such a nice gift! Kenzo is especially on fire these days (after their memorable collab with H&M earlier this season) and of course they never disappoint: their latest Kenzo World perfume comes in a sleek black-and-green clutch, designed by the ever inventive duo Carol Lim & Humberto Leon. And to make it extra special, the little box has got the label's signature all-seeing eye out front, that promises to watch over and protect you. A pretty nice thing to have waiting for you under the X-mas tree, right?

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Gaf het als geschenk reeds op 7 september voor mijn dochter haar verjaardag ! was toen juist in de winkel te koop.
Super, ik ben reeds lang fan van Kenzo, de vormgeving van dit flesje alleen al doet je smelten.

Zeker een aanradertje !