Shibuya crossing
Shibuya crossing
Shibuya crossing
Shibuya crossing

I'm usually not a big fan of super touristy spots but when you go to Tokyo, the famous Shibuya crossing is just a must-do! :) It's not exactly a place to spend an entire afternoon, but there's something about the bustling energy of this spot that perfectly captures this particular side of Tokyo. When the lights turn green, people start crossing the streets from literally every corner. But as it goes in Japan, this isn't nearly as chaotic as you'd think!

We even had time to squeeze in a little photo shoot of one of my favourite trends of the season, the ugly sneaker trend. :) I'm sure you've seen these Louis Vuitton sneakers pop up in many of your favourite Instagram feeds - they're such a huge hit! And I'm also fully on board, especially when they're paired with a flowy maxi dress to make the look a bit more sophisticated. To add a bit of colour I went with a multi-colour LV box bag, and I finished the look with a badass choker. I also love to pair these sneakers with a more casual ensemble of (vinyl) leggings and a denim jacket (my current favourite airport look!), but if you want to dress them up, this look shows you how to do it. :)


Are you a fan of the ugly sneakers trend? And did you ever visit the Shibuya crossing? :) There's supposedly a great view from Starbucks, if you care to take it all in from above.

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For me it looks sooo big. This "ugly" trend is a thing and LV of course huuuge brand - but if LV would ask me if I wanna have this sneaker or a bag...well we all know the answer :-) There was this huge trend back in the 90s, with Buffalo shoes, it reminds me of that trend.

Hi Veronika! Yesss I totally understand it feels a bit awkward, it took me a while to get used to it too. :) And talking about the Buffalo shoes; they're totally back too haha. Thanks for sharing! xx big kiss

Hello! I was wondering whether you perhaps could share where your dress is from? It has namely been stuck in my mind for a couple of months now :P It would be very lovely of you!

Genuinely loved this kind of post. Although I want much more information on like precious subject matter.