As someone who's always looking for a great excuse to go back to nature, the concept of glamping - basically luxurious camping - seems super appealing. No matter how much I love the sounds, views, and smells nature has to offer, I'm not a big fan of the whole tent thing; putting it up when it's pouring rain, imaginary coyotes scratching the canvas at night, sleeping on an air mattress,... The list goes on. BUT! When all of these discomforts are taken away and only the good stuff is left: sign me up! I listed 3 of my favorite glamping destinations in Spain, Sweden, and the USA, together with matching goodies, for a perfect last-minute getaway with your loved ones. Here's to a Summer filled with the sweetest memories! XO Sofie


Not too long ago, I spent a couple of days in this gorgeous retreat in Spain for a very exciting upcoming project (the reveal is coming soon!). We stayed in one of the canvas tents that are nestled in the hills of Andalucia, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While sharing a bathroom with the other guests took some getting used to, our Dutch hostess could not have been more welcoming, and I was really taken aback by the amazing scenery, blooming orange trees, and peaceful sunsets.

Go with: Aromaflage insect repellent, Adidas slides, Essentiel shirt


This mirror cube, hiding deep into the woods of Lulea, Sweden, is just everything. And I mean this quite literally: it's got a sci-fi appearance from the future, but feels decidedly nostalgic at the same time, reminding me of my everlasting childhood wish to live in an actual tree house. Only this one comes with a perfectly styled interior (it's Swedish, so what do you want?) and a sauna nearby. Glamping at its very best!

Go with: H&M silk shorts, R+Co dry shampoo, MCM backpack


When we were in Joshua Tree National Park this Spring, we came across an amazing 1952 little pink cabin, placed smack bang in the middle of the vast cactus-filled desert lands. No wonder this place comes with quite a story, of which the purity will definitely strike a chord. The views this little gem has to offer are out of this world, or, as the owner puts it: 'Having that much space, seeing that far into the horizon, it opens up a lever in my soul'.  

Go with: BKR reusable water bottle, Mara Hoffman jumpsuit, Josefinas slippers

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