Dubai photo diary


Flashing back to my visit to Dubai last month. It was a short trip but one with a lot of impact…. The heat ( it was over 50 degrees), the food, the people, the mysterious vibe,…  It was such a pleasure to explore this city. I decided I needed a break from everything and to share some quality time with my boyfriend. We spend our days hanging by the infinity pool, eating, shopping at all those amazing malls and enjoying the (gold) markets. We stayed at the beautiful Sofitel Jumeirah Beach hotel, which has an insane view on the beach.  As soon as I entered the lobby, I fell in love with the hotel ( I mean, look at those amazing star lamps at the entrance). Our room was peaceful and classy, I felt right at home! We enjoyed watching the sunset every night from our private terrace… so romantic and idyllic! The staff of the hotel was also really helpful on finding the best spots to eat and on where to go, as we didn’t have a lot of time to find it out ourselves.

I have to be honest, Dubai is even much more photogenic in real life and almost impossible to capture. The landscapes and buildings are surreal. But if I can give you one advice: visit Dubai from October to April, when it’s less hot. We really had problems to cool down, as the 50 degrees were just too hot to handle. Although I have to admit that the late night swimming sessions were pretty good :)  Hope you enjoy my photo diary! XO Sofie 

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Wow, these shots are marvelous, inviting, and dreamy – I’m planning to visit Dubai in Midsummer next year and was trying to figure out if 2 weeks would be enough for me there.