Valkiers Jewellery is here!


My own jewellery label ‘ Valkiers’ is finally here! This moment is sooo surreal… I can’t even believe it! I’ve been working on this line for a year now and it gives me so much pleasure to see the collection come to life.
As many of you know, I live in Antwerp, and I’m really proud to tell you that the entire collection is hand-made by ateliers in my hometown. Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world so what better place to be to create amazing quality jewels, right?
I’m really passionate about the sustainable conflict-free diamonds I’ve used in my debut jewelry line as they’re just as beautiful as mined diamonds yet have a significantly smaller social and environmental impact. They’re even certified by prestigious gem labs so I think it’s wonderful that guilt-free diamonds are an option for those who have reservations about their origin.
All the jewels are also crafted from 18- karat yellow, rose and white gold and my debut collection features a unique exploding star design that incorporates a diamond-studded ‘V’. Why I created a star? My mother would always wear diamond star earrings when I was a young girl and they were so beautiful and classic that I always wanted to recreate them. Stars live for millions of years so using the symbol in my debut collection holds extra significance to me; I believe that jewelry should have similar longevity in that its beauty lasts for years because it can be passed down through generations.

I’m very thrilled to share with you the full editorial and the first images of my collection. Enjoy and thank you so much for your support! X Sofie








Click here to see the entire collection. 


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