This week has been a bit slow and dreary; work seemed to pile up and the weather was less-than-sunny. But! The weekend promises to be super warm and full of light, so I'm planning to entirely spend it outside, keeping these 3 fashion & beauty trends that caught my eye this week in mind: yet another way to already start wearing your Summer wardrobe, the no. 1 trick to make your eyes look bigger this Spring (it's Chanel approved!), and the not-so-practical but super feminine hair style that's been taking over celeb land... Hope everyone has a sunny weekend!


backless fashion

I've been a fan of backless clothes for as long as I can remember (in fact, I think it's sexier than showing cleavage in the front!), so I'm thrilled with this season's options - from dresses to this simple black jumpsuit from Zara - that you can start wearing right now, if you pair it with simple white tee. During Summer it will be perfect for the beach, to top off your one-piece: a nice change from your usual kaftan and much more après-beach party-proof!

photo credit: 1, 2


inner winged eyeliner

I'll probably never get bored with a classic cat eye, but this inner winged eyeliner look is probably my favourite one ever. It was all over the runway at Chanel's Cruise Collection 2018 show this week, nicely complementing the models' gorgeous Greek outfits (I'm so obsessed with the headbands and flower-trimmed flowy dresses!). If you like to do it yourself, all you have to do is repeat your top line below your eyes, and have it run down a teeny bit in the inner corners. You definitely want to use a liquid liner for the finer lines, and then top this with a gel liner where you want it to be fuller.

photo credit: 1, 2


XXL hair

We've been seeing it coming for a, eh, long time and now it's official: XXL hair is a super huge trend for this season! It was Kim K's chosen comeback hair (after her media break), and it was swiftly adopted by the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj (the last one even went with a full-on ankle length!). And while going 100% Rapunzel might be a bit unpractical in real life (it apparently would take you 20 years to grow), if you decide to go extra long this year, you'll be right on trend!

photo credit: 1, 2

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