I was honestly dreading this week a little bit, because, after having such an amazing time last year, I was kind of bummed out about not being able to attend Coachella this year. But it turned out to be a wonderful week, including a very happy reunion with the boyfriend (who had been visiting his family in Brazil), Easter brunch prep for coming Sunday, and getting ready for an exciting trip next week. Added to my blissful state of mind: how to incorporate denim into your outfit in the most on trend way, a sneaky way to already start wearing summery dresses, and the prettiest Spring nails (that you can easily do yourself!). Wishing you all a chocolate filled weekend!


We predicted that denim was going to have a rough year due to the massive leggings trend, but the world's most influential fabric wouldn't be itself if it didn't come back with a vengeance. That's right, if you won't put them around your legs, this season denim's all about dressing your feet. And how many cute options there are! Whether you're a fan of mules (Brother Vellies pictured above), platforms (Stella McCartney), sandals (Gianvito Rossi) or slippers (Brother Vellies), they all come in denim and are so ready to make your sun-kissed skin look awesome.

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I'm always in for transitional pieces that can be easily worn during several (in-between) seasons, and my current favourites are knitted dresses. Not only are they timeless and do they seamlessly fit around my baby bump, they're super cute when paired with a simple shirt and pointy loafers right now, or on itself with furry slippers for hanging by the pool (soon!). And while we're at it: I'm not opposed to loosely knitted tops either, perfect to pair with your prettiest lingerie and casual boyfriend jeans. Definitely one of the most versatile pieces out there!

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I definitely did a double take when I stumbled upon this genius nail pro this week, because nail-wise, it just doesn't get much better than this. Geometric nails are going to be huge this Spring, and the best part is that they're pretty easy to do yourself! I'm particularly excited to try out the half-red-manicure (tools: my fave red polish, FABY Snow White's Snack, and simple washi tape) and yellow-plus-red-dot nails (tools: FABY graphic stick and O.P.I. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet). So perfect for brightening up your look!

photo credit: 1, 2

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