It's a bit hard to fully grasp everything that happened this past week, as it's been the very first one with our little boy in our lives! In between the (super) short nights, countless sweet wishes (thank you so much!!), visits from my dearest friends & family, and Gabriel's dazzlingly delightful smell (how is it possible?? :)), I've never felt more filled with love and joy. Can't wait to share the first pictures of our little family next week, but first: the other 3 things that inspired me this week - a new hair style that's totally in line with the focus-on-the-shoulders trend, an easy way to bring the Summer into your home, and next generation hoops to spice up your outfits this season! Have a happy sunny weekend, everyone!!



The fashion & beauty world's obsession with the '70s & '80s has been going on for a while now (remember how '70s prints dominated the SS17 runways?), but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with Bella Hadid's take for attending the CFDA Awards this past week (congrats btw to Belgian designer Raf Simons for taking home two awards for designer of the year - that's how we write history!). Dressed in a hot pink Off White power suit she sported a gorgeous mid-length blunt bob (with clip-in bangs!) that had me longing for the '80s all over again! It's such an easy way to adopt the '80s and focus-on-the-shoulders trend, and I'm an equally devoted fan of the sleek version with side part and statement earrings.

photo credit: 1, 2




I'm always in for easy ways to make your home season-appropriate, and adding a nautical element to your bed- or living room is as cute as it's easy! As we'll have to start thinking about baby proofing our home soon, I was very much intrigued by the fishnet-like situation pictured above (not really going to happen in our house, but it's an inspiring out-of-the-box idea!), but a dark blue or neutral striped rug, navy striped on the stairs or caged lamps seem so easy to adopt (the Belgian brand Tekna has really cute options for that!). Ship ahoy sailors!

picture credit: 1, 2, 3, 4



Despite growing up with the likes of J.Lo and Queen B, I've never been a huge hoops girl myself, since they tend to be a bit too heavy for my narrow-shaped face. So imagine my joy when I started noticing the rise of these next generation hoops that are a lot more creative and playful than their simple round counterparts! My current favourites are these simple curved ones by Mizuki and droplet-shaped version from & Other Stories.

picture credit: 1, 2

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