I've been in full flower mode this past week, as proven by this flowy beauty and my love of the blooming cherry blossoms in my parents' garden. No matter how well I think I remember from last year, the prettiness of Spring always surprises me, giving that extra dose of energy that kind of makes up for my restless third trimester nights. Other things that made my heart happy this week: the most affordable (festival proof!) accessory, the breakthrough of the basket bag, and some personal Spring confessions. Have a good one, everyone!


neck scarf

While it was never really gone, the neck scarf is truly everywhere right now - and I mean everywhere. It's the most delightful way to balance out a stripes-on-stripes two-piece, or add a bit of sailor to a sleek high-waisted trousers plus off-the-shoulder top combo. Not to mention it's an absolute must-have to pimp all your Summer festival looks (remember this one?). So go ahead and get your hands on these classic versions from Madewell or Zara. Betcha will spend more on your next lunch!

photo credit: 1, 2


basket bag

I've been praying for the breakthrough of the basket bag ever since carrying around this cutie from Michael Kors last year (and in a more beachy setting right here), and sure enough, it's one of this season's IT bags! It's just such a fresh piece that reminds me of exploring local lavender fragranced markets in the South of France on a sunny afternoon. And doesn't this one from Zara just ask for being stuffed with fresh herbs and handmade soap?

photo credit: 1, 2



You know how you make all those resolutions at the beginning of the new year? You may recall my bold statement to totally be holding on to mine back in January, and now that we've officially entered month 4 of the year, I thought it'd be, eh, fair to take the resolutions' test. First of all, I'm going to draw the baby card in regards to at least 3 of my 5 resolutions. :) I haven't been eating as healthy as I'd like due to an extra opinionated mouth to feed in my belly (that's somehow particularly into Coca Cola!), but all in all I can't complain, given this super healthy craving, right? As for celebrating my inner introvert, I've actually been wanting to surround myself with as much of my friends & family as possible, after living so secluded during those first difficult months of my pregnancy (so yes, I have been consistently and happily answering my mama's phone calls). Cleaning out my closet - let's just say that's a work in progress. ;) After prepping the baby room I haven't gotten around to my actual dressing, but I'm confident Spring will make me go for it very soon (and I promise to share my organising tips & tricks with you all!). And finally, when it comes to reaching for the stars, there's 1 star I'm particularly excited for - and I'm confident we'll be combining it with lots of this and this during the rest of the year too!

photo credit: 1, 2

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