It's been a crazy busy week over here, filled with lots of mama-&-baby things (I swear having a baby is a full-time job!) and prepping our first trip abroad next week! I'm so excited to step back in the game, but at the same time can't wrap my head around not being with our little boy for every minute of the day. :) Can't wait to share all of our adventures with you all, but for now, this is the round-up of 3 things that made me happy this week: the 1 (!) piece you need to survive the hot days ahead (if you don't feel like putting together this outfit, of course), the look you'll guaranteed want to wear for your next Summer party (so chic!), and a new trend in beauty land to unblock your pores in the most gentle way. Have a happy weekend, everyone!



I'm obviously a huge fan of jumpsuits, as they're literally the easiest thing to wear - ever (which totally compensates for the fact that you have to use the bathroom in your bra, ha!). So it's no surprise that I'm totally into their miniature version, the playsuit. The only challenge with playsuits is that they easily look, well, like you're going on a play date: add a lollipop and sandals, and you're likely to instantly imitate a sassy 6-year-old: not good. But this is totally overcome if you opt for an understated playsuit, a huge trend this Summer! Basically, you want to look for pieces that are well made, monochrome or with a sophisticated print (florals - no, pinstripes - yes!), and with a sleek cut (this one from Style Mafia is just the cutest thing ever!). Throw on your favourite sneaks or slip-on sandals and pompom straw bag, and you're all set for a Summer day of drinks and shopping!

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Silk will be a huge thing this Summer (and silk dresses added on top of your leggings or denim will definitely still be so happening next year!). In line with the vibrant monochromes trend - you should especially be on the lookout for silk camisole tops, flowy trousers, midi-&-maxi-dresses, and miniature bags that come in a poppy shade, such as electric blue, bright yellow and hot pink. And if you're looking for some inspo: I was seriously obsessed with Zoe Kravitz' outfit earlier this week, sporting a full-on silk outfit of a little pink Sies Marjan dress, matching strappy sandals, and a yellow knotted bag (this ruffled silk Isla dress comes close as far as general cuteness is concerned). Gotta have it, right?

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You'll probably be slightly rolling your eyes when you hear there's yet another trend in beauty land involving face oils, but I betcha didn't see it coming that this time, it's used to purify your pores! The thing is: if you're blessed with a super sensitive skin (such as mine) you take to every gentle method that promises to unblock your pores in a gentle way, without harassing your skin's natural oil balance on a daily basis. The principle of skin gritting is that you start with an oil cleanser (such as the Hydra-Restore cream cleanser from Grown Alchemist) massaged into dry skin, then apply a purifying clay mask (Fig+Yarrow's Rose clay mask smells divine!) and finish with another layer of the oil cleanser. This would allow you to remove the oil, bacteria and dead skin cells (or 'grits') that form the dreaded blackheads. Experts say that while it may be a stretch to say that the technique effectively removes all of your blackheads, it does have some serious benefits, especially for sensitive skin types! And if you're afraid of drying out your skin (something that always happens to me when I use a clay mask), just add a few drops of a good facial oil (this one from F. Miller is as good as it gets) to the mixture, and you should be good! Can't wait to try this for a good Summer skin detox soon!

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