Every year I joke to my friends that it's totally worth having a super long dreary Winter in order to fully appreciate the emergence of Spring. The sun has been finally showing itself more frequently here in Belgium, and I couldn't be more excited. I even went out to run errands in nothing but a t-shirt this week! There's something very satisfying about watching the most beautiful of seasons announce itself while carrying life inside of you; it just sort of ... matches? :) In anticipation of next week's changing clock (yay!), here are the 3 Spring-inspired things that totally made my week: a sneaky way to already start wearing your Summer sandals, the most beautiful city in the world (especially during Spring!), and new beauty items that will make the little girl inside of you very happy...


I was obviously a big fan of pairing pumps with glittery socks for the Holidays, so it's probably no surprise that I'm also totally on board with taking this a step further this year by adding a bit of sparkle to my Summer sandals. This look from the Isabel Marant FW17 collection looks super chic (and fun!), and can easily serve as inspo for your current wardrobe situation, starting with this pearl-embellished Zara denim, & Other Stories sparkly socks, and ruffled Oscar Tiye sandals. Sparkles on sparkles on sparkles? Yes, please!

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Ever since she was born, Paris Jackson has been the subject of so much talks. Her name, style, childhood, and of course, her father have been discussed over and over again - enough to make anyone go totally bananas. So I was pleasantly surprised to come across her beautiful cover story in this month's Harper's Bazaar, where she shares her thoughts on doing your own thing and what it feels like to talk about her dad ("sad"). It's sort of eye-opening and fresh, just as the accompanying shoot in the city she was named after. It instantly had me longing for warm sunny days in the city of love, including macarons, red lips, and a classic striped marinière of course!

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There's a major unicorn trend happening in beauty land right now, and let's just say that it kinda fits in well with all the other magical stuff that's been circling around (remember this eye make-up hype?). Yes, it's kitchy, yes, it's over-the-top, and yes, it had me at hello. It all started when I stumbled upon EarthsRawBeauty Unicorn soap, that doesn't only look insanely good, but also has a pretty impressive ingredient list (including olive & coconut oil, goat milk, and shea butter). Whoa! Which instantly brings me to FCTRY's genius Unicorn Snot product line, featuring a glitter gel in 5 yummy colours (perfect to master that eye make-up trend cited above), and matching lip glosses bien sûr. Three cheers for being 1 step closer to a fairytale life!

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Sokken in sandalen?? 😱 Die had ik niet zien aankomen. Dat is waarschijnlijk de eerste fashion faux-pas die mij ooit is ingeprent! Achja, de dingen veranderen constant he. Zolang het maar geen teva sandalen en witte sokken zijn he 😉